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Working with government, trade associations, corporations, think tanks and advocacy groups to grow support for your initiatives, build your reputation, and meet your strategic goals.
Public affairs and communications strategies need to leverage their most effective messages. Developing your most impactful messages is complex and needs to adapt to the political environment. Our tools and experience provide understanding and clarity for developing your communications strategy.

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Leveraging public opinion to build support for federal transportation funding.

Maclellan Foundation

Finding common ground on core sensitive issues.

National Cybersecurity Alliance

Driving public education and awareness for online safety, privacy, and security.

Think Tank

Getting the right message to the right people in order to shape the national conversation.

Stand Together

Understanding the process of engagement in social change movements.

The Nature Conservancy

Profiling donors to increase gift giving.

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Republicans, Democrats + Independents Equally Concerned About the Country

We conducted a national survey in May 2022 of 1,002 adult Americans and found that Americans are increasingly more concerned and worried about the state of affairs in the country, while optimism is falling.

Impact of Russian Invasion on Energy, Cybersecurity, and Trade

Our March Connections session commenced exactly one month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. The human tragedy unfolding in Europe has inspired global response and has shown indications of unifying Americans even in our hyper-partisan environment....

Meet Bruce Blakeman: A Heart+Mind Senior Consultant

We are excited to welcome Bruce Blakeman to the Heart+Mind family, as he comes on board as a Senior Consultant and our new Public Policy + Issues Practice Leader. Since Bruce is new here, we saw fit to put him through our rigorous Q+A so we could all get to know what...

2020 Election Voter Coalition Papers

Every two years Heart+Mind Strategies conducts a post-election exit poll, FirstView, to understand how the American people voted, why, and what impact it will have on the future of our nation. This year was no exception and FirstView 2020 uncovered key insights about...

Finding Common Ground: Top Strategies for Sensitive Issues

By Dee Allsop, PhD. Americans are hungry for more moderate voices and common-sense solutions built around our shared human priorities and common ground. The vast majority of American voices in a recent survey (75%) say we should “stop letting the people on the extreme...

Ways Associations Can Thrive During Uncertain Times

By Mike Dabadie Americans are continuing to experience high levels of stress and uncertainty despite positive news on the efficacy of a possible COVID vaccine. This stress extends beyond our homes and local communities...

10 Key Takeaways from 2020 Election

During Heart+Mind's special Post-Election 2020 Edition of the biweekly RoundTable, panel experts discussed a key takeaways from 2020 Election such as: why are political polls sometimes wrong, which coalitions showed the largest shifts since 2016 and why, where do the...

DC News Insiders Forecast 2020 Election

RoundTable Our latest RoundTable discussion (held October 22, 2020) welcomed back the WTOP News media insiders Mitchell Miller, Capitol Hill correspondent, and Joel Oxely and Craig Schwalb, leaders for WTOP News business including political and commercial advertising...

Top Political Consultants Analyze 2020 Campaign Platforms

RoundTable Our RoundTable discussion held Sept. 17, 2020 featured two of our nation’s top political consultants as they analyze the 2020 campaign platforms for both presidential candidates. We heard from Bill McInturff, Co-Founder of Public Opinion Strategies,...

Ask the Expert: Triadic Illumination

Finding Common Ground SVP and Partner Maury Giles is featured in the July/August 2020 Quirk’s Media “Ask the Expert” column. In this column, Maury responds to this question: How can brands provide leadership in polarized times? Maury discusses the challenges of...

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