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Public affairs and communications strategies need to leverage their most effective messages. Developing your most impactful messages is complex and needs to adapt to the political environment. Our tools and experience provide understanding and clarity for developing your communications strategy.

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Case Studies

People United for Privacy

Motivating voters to support donor privacy.

The Pelican Institute

Developing a communications strategy for tax reform in Louisiana.

The Religious Freedom Index

American perspectives on the First Amendment.

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Building support for expanding school choice and Education Savings Account Programs.

Stand Together

Understanding the process of engagement in social change movements.

Orlando Economic Partnership

Planning economic growth based on residents’ needs and values.

Paper & Packaging Board

Changing consumer attitudes about sustainability of paper products.

State Policy Network

Building a foundational framework of insights into perceptions of K-12 education.

Envision Utah

Adapting to a rapidly diversifying population and cultural shifts.


Leveraging public opinion to build support for federal transportation funding.

Maclellan Foundation

Finding common ground on core sensitive issues.

National Cybersecurity Alliance

Driving public education and awareness for online safety, privacy, and security.

Think Tank

Getting the right message to the right people in order to shape the national conversation.

The Nature Conservancy

Profiling donors to increase gift giving.

Envision La'ie

Building resident support for a sustainable community development plan.

Maricopa Association of Governments

Developing a regional transportation plan guided by public values.

Sutherland Institute

Reforming civics education in the state of Utah.

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Americans Still Worried About Inflation, Jobs, and Economy

An overwhelming majority of Americans continue to believe the country is seriously off on the wrong track (68%), according to our latest national survey. Inflation continues to dominate the issue agenda for Americans, with 39% saying it is the most important problem facing the country, with second-tier issues jobs & economy at 9% and immigration at the southern border also at 9%.

3 Principles That Influence the Human Mind and Decisions Humans do not make make decisions based solely on logic. Our choices are shaped by a combination of emotions, habits, and other instinctual responses. To be successful in influencing the decisions of others, it is important to understand...

Republicans Missed an Opportunity in the 2022 Midterm Election

While votes are still being counted, the overall results of the 2022 midterm elections are clear: Democrat candidates outperformed expectations in the election.

Exploring the Midterm Elections Landscape: Rise of Federalism?

We might be facing a divided federal government over the next two years. Our nation has already felt strong societal and political division over the past few years, so what are the potential complications of this likely gridlock? It suggests we can expect very little progress from our federal government on critical issues — and this comes at a time when most Americans already feel dissatisfied with the job our federal government is doing today.

Federalism is Alive and Well

A majority of registered voters are satisfied with the performance of their state and local governments – a far cry from the 33% satisfied with the federal government and just 16% who trust the federal government.

Why Regional Visioning Based on Human Values Works Better

Successful Regional Visioning and Economic Planning require the engagement and support of the communities involved. There are few things more important to community residents and businesses than the physical area in which they live, raise their children, work and retire.

Republicans, Democrats + Independents Equally Concerned About the Country

We conducted a national survey in May 2022 of 1,002 adult Americans and found that Americans are increasingly more concerned and worried about the state of affairs in the country, while optimism is falling.

Impact of Russian Invasion on Energy, Cybersecurity, and Trade

Our March Connections session commenced exactly one month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. The human tragedy unfolding in Europe has inspired global response and has shown indications of unifying Americans even in our hyper-partisan environment....

Meet Bruce Blakeman: A Heart+Mind Senior Consultant

We are excited to welcome Bruce Blakeman to the Heart+Mind family, as he comes on board as a Senior Consultant and our new Public Policy + Issues Practice Leader. Since Bruce is new here, we saw fit to put him through our rigorous Q+A so we could all get to know what...

2020 Election Voter Coalition Papers

Every two years Heart+Mind Strategies conducts a post-election exit poll, FirstView, to understand how the American people voted, why, and what impact it will have on the future of our nation. This year was no exception and FirstView 2020 uncovered key insights about...

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