Case Study

The Paper & Packaging Board


Changing consumer attitudes about sustainability of paper products.


Paper and paper products have long suffered the misconception that using paper was wasteful and equal to killing trees. The Paper & Packaging Board wanted to develop a messaging campaign that would increase consumer favorability and confidence in their paper products.

Positioning was key for The Paper & Packaging Board to increase consumer favorability and confidence in their paper products, especially with the current consumer awakening on the need to conserve the environment. A deep dive into the target audience’s attitudes towards paper and paper products and the paper industry was needed.


We used our BrightBoard​ tool to test different ad concepts among 96 expressive consumers.

The BrightBoard​ enabled study participants to log into the forum at their convenience each day for 5 days. Over the course of the 5-day experience participants reviewed the various ad concepts and provided feedback and discussion around each concept’s message and efficacy.


We discovered that favorability towards paper and paper products increased after participants viewed the ads. The concepts in the ads fostered new understanding that paper and paper packaging are part of the solution in today’s environmental concerns.

Our study gleaned valuable insights that helped The Paper & Packaging Board identify the best positioning for their products and effectively change attitudes towards the paper industry.