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City of Boston

Revitalizing tourism after a pandemic induced downturn.

Bermuda Tourism Authority

Differentiating an island destination from the competition.

Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Center

Ensuring an agile response from Las Vegas in a post-COVID-19 travel landscape.

Allegiant Air

Identifying a brand strategy to increase traction with core customers.

Envision Utah

Adapting to a rapidly diversifying population and cultural shifts.

Orlando Economic Partnership

Planning economic growth based on residents’ needs and values.

Las Vegas Segmentation

Ensuring Las Vegas’ relevancy and maximizing opportunities in a changing landscape.

Envision La'ie

Building resident support for a sustainable community development plan.

Maricopa County, AZ

Developing a regional transportation plan guided by public values.

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Heart+Mind Strategies Wins Ogilvy Gold for All-Inclusive Boston Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that Heart+Mind Strategies has been honored with an Ogilvy Gold Award in the Travel Category for our groundbreaking human-centered research conducted on behalf of the City of Boston. This research was instrumental in shaping and supporting...

Economic, Energy, and Social Impacts of Sustainable Transportation

What does sustainable transportation really mean, and is it actually attainable?

What does the future of travel look like for 2022?

Travel looks different today than it did pre-pandemic – face masks, pre-departure requirements, and less flight availability, among others – but what changes are short-term, and what changes are here to stay?

Meet Darren Bishop: A Heart+Mind Consultant

Meet Darren Bishop, head of Heart+Mind's Travel and Tourism Practice. Darren has been with Heart+Mind almost since its inception, and has successfully climbed the ladder from entry level to Senior Consultant. Even though he's been around a while, we felt like we just...

4 Things to Watch for in 2021 Business Travel

The Return of Business Travel  With more than half of American adults fully vaccinated, the return of business travel is shifting from a far-off hypothetical to a fast-crystalizing reality. According to our recent Heart+Mind Pulse survey (May 2021), 70%...

The Future of In-Person Business Events

RoundTable Discussion Our RoundTable discussion held October 8, 2020, shared the the key findings from our Pulse tracking data and implications for the election, followed by a discussion on the future of in-person business events.  With so many organizations...

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