3 Principles That Influence the Human Mind and Decisions

Jan 19, 2023 | Brand, Our Thinking, Public Policy + Issues

Humans do not make make decisions based solely on logic. Our choices are shaped by a combination of emotions, habits, and other instinctual responses. To be successful in influencing the decisions of others, it is important to understand the different factors that can affect their decision making and how to use them to your advantage.

People often use persuasion to try and get others to do something that they want, but it can be seen as a negative concept by some. However, persuasive techniques don’t have to be used for manipulation and personal gain. They can instead be used to help people make informed decisions and positively influence the behavior of others. 

To successfully convince people to do something, it is essential to understand the basic principles of how people think. Knowing how to influence people’s thoughts and decisions can be very beneficial in many situations, such as convincing friends to watch a particular movie or even recruiting volunteers for a service outing. By learning the following 3 principles that influence the human mind, you can better understand how to sway people’s opinions and decisions. 


Consistency in behavior is a form of confirmation bias, a cognitive bias that leads people to seek out, interpret, and favor information that confirms their beliefs. This bias can make it difficult for people to accept new information or to consider alternative points of view.

People have the inclination to remain consistent with their behavior. We tend to stay on the same path once we have taken a stance and feel obligated to follow it. If we did not stay consistent with our past decisions, our brains would find it difficult to accept, since inconsistency is uncomfortable.

People show a tendency to choose and stick with the same things throughout their lives, be it the products they consume, the political party they support, or even the hairstyle they prefer. This preference for sameness has been witnessed again and again in our daily decision-making.

Peer Guidance

We, as humans, rely heavily on the support and guidance of those around us. We look to others to set an example, motivate us, and provide us with the necessary resources to reach our goals. Our behavior and decisions are significantly impacted by the people around us, whether through direct or indirect influence.

Being around people who think and act similarly can influence our behaviors and opinions. We are more likely to adopt the same attitudes and ideas as those around us if we are constantly exposed to them. This is known as “herd mentality,” which is when a group of people thinks and acts the same way due to the influence of the people around them. 

influence decisions


Our emotions often drive us. Even when we try to make decisions based on facts, our emotions often influence our choices. It can be challenging to separate our feelings from our logical thoughts when making decisions, and emotions can shape our choices in ways that don’t always make sense.

The way we make decisions isn’t just about what we like or don’t like; research has uncovered that our choices are affected by our feelings about anything even faintly associated with the option. It can be anything from our opinion of the salesperson, the shade of the walls, or a particular smell that takes us back to our childhood.


The human mind is an incredibly complex and powerful tool that can make decisions in various ways. Our choices can be based on external factors such as our environment, peers, and upbringing, or on internal factors such as our emotions, values, and beliefs. 

Our past experiences, current situation, and future goals can influence us. Ultimately, the decision making process of the human mind is an intricate and fascinating one, and it is responsible for the decisions we make each day.

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