Case Study

The Nature Conservancy


Profiling donors to increase gift giving.


When donations from members began to slow, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) wanted to better understand how donors make decisions. The organization was looking for ways to better connect to the next generation of potential legacy donors.

Further, TNC was updating their value proposition and wanted to ensure the new enhancements did not alienate this unique internal group.  They needed to understand the drivers of estate planning and gift giving to communicate more effectively with members on these options.


First, we engaged current donors in a one-on-one conversation to better understand their decision-making process on this delicate issue.

Later, a quantitative study was conducted among a broader set of TNC membership to vet the new value proposition direction and assess legacy donor options.


We profiled the critical similarities between current legacy donors and prospects and identified the key differences—or opportunities for communication with potential donors. This allowed The Nature Conservancy to better communicate with potential donors and increase gift giving.