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Jan 9, 2023 | RoundTable Connections


We launched our Roundtable series in March 2020 in response to the worldwide COVID pandemic. We gathered our clients and partners around the virtual table to look at our collective new reality, and to support each other as humans, not just as business associates. Over the past few years, we have continued to meet monthly for our Connections Roundtable series, where we discuss a variety of current, trending topics with key industry insiders.

Here’s everything you need to know about our past seasons and episodes, and links to watch the episode and/or read the summary blog post.

Season 1: Responding to a Worldwide Pandemic

In our first year of Connections Roundtable sessions, we sat down with industry leaders to talk about a wide variety of issues surrounding the COVID pandemic and resulting quarantine, the 2020 presidential election in the US, and business issues like inclusion and diversity, female leadership in business, working from home, and business travel. 

Episode 1. COVID-19 Client Partner Virtual Roundtable (Watch

Episode 2. Remote Working: How’s it Going? (Watch

Episode 3. Impact of COVID Pandemic on Employment and the Workforce (Watch

Episode 4. Female Leadership in Business and Government in the Pandemic (Watch

Episode 5. COVID-19 Recovery or Redefinition or Reimagination? (Watch

Episode 6. An International View on the Pandemic with Global Data (Watch

Episode 7. How Business is Responding as Americans Struggle to Pay Bills (Watch

Episode 8. Our Divided Reality (Watch

Episode 9. Creative Response to Consumers’ Changing Needs (with Pinterest’s Head of Insights) (Watch

Episode 10. Impact of COVID-19 on the Workplace and Workplace Safety (Watch

Episode 11. Impact on Consumer Financial Planning, Fraud, and Spending (Watch

Episode 12. WTOP News Reporters on Politics and Media (Watch

Episode 13. CEO Panel on the Future of Research and Tribalism vs. Unity (Watch

Episode 14. How the Pandemic Affected Market Research (with Microsoft’s Director of Brand and Strategy Research) (Watch

Episode 15. Top Political Consultants Analyze 2020 Presidential Campaign Platforms (Read / Watch

Episode 16. The Future of In-Person Business Events (Read / Watch

Episode 17. D.C. News Insiders Forecast 2020 Presidential Election (Read / Watch

Episode 18. Ten Key Takeaways from 2020 Presidential Election (Read

Episode 19. The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccines from Industry Insiders (Read / Watch

Episode 20. Why Inclusion is More Important Than Diversity (Read / Watch

Episode 21. Facing 2021 When Hindsight is 2020 (Watch

Season 2: Recovery + Reconnecting in the New Normal

In 2021, we examined how we can progress and innovate in the new normal. We covered industry topics related to education, entertainment, health, and technology. We also discussed concepts around human connection and the lasting effects of the 2020 quarantine. How can we collaborate and get creative? How can we serve in our communities? How can we get outside of ourselves? 

Episode 1. Journey to New Horizons: How Businesses Can Take the Lead (Read / Watch

Episode 2. Creativity in Times of Crisis (with Genius Steals) (Read / Watch

Episode 3. Addressing Exposed Gaps in Higher Education, Skills Training, and Job Demand (Read / Watch

Episode 4. Surfing the Stream: Engaging Consumers Online Today (Read / Watch

Episode 5. Are You Ready? The Return of Business Travel and Meetings (Read / Watch

Episode 6. From Healthcare to Healthy Living (Read / Watch

Episode 7. Doing Well by Doing Good (Read / Watch

Episode 8. Getting at the Heart of American Self-Interest (Watch

Episode 9. Technology: Friend or Foe? (Read / Watch

Episode 10. Living in 5G (Watch

Episode 11. Foresight 2022 (Read / Watch

Season 3: Connections Through Transition

2022 was a year of great change, starting with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ripple effects that it had worldwide. Our sessions in season 3 focused on how human connections can help us through these transitions. Topics for this year included issues related to communicating in a saturated media market where truth is relative, global trade and energy impacts from the war in Europe, new innovations in travel, transportation, and sustainable fuel sources, as well as an insider’s look at the 2-year delayed Expo 2020 in Dubai. 

Episode 1. Doing Business in a Post-Truth World (Read / Watch

Episode 2. Domino Effect: European War Impact on US Business Strategy (Read / Watch

Episode 3. 2022 Year of Big Travel (Read / Watch

Episode 4. To Office or Not to Office? The New Normal in the Workplace (Read / Watch

Episode 5. Global Connections: An Insider’s Look at Expo 2020 Dubai (Read / Watch

Episode 6. Sustainability in Transportation (Read / Watch

Episode 7. Transforming the Customer Experience (Read / Watch

Episode 8. Exploring the Midterm Landscape (Read / Watch

Episode 9. Price Transparency in Healthcare (Read / Watch

Episode 10. The New Marketing Reality: Paid Attention (with Faris Yakob of Genius Steals) (Read / Watch

Episode 11. Lessons Learned: Connections Through Transition (Read / Watch

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