10 Key Takeaways from 2020 Election

Nov 9, 2020 | Politics, RoundTable Connections

During Heart+Mind’s special Post-Election 2020 Edition of the biweekly RoundTable, panel experts discussed a key takeaways from 2020 Election such as: why are political polls sometimes wrong, which coalitions showed the largest shifts since 2016 and why, where do the Gen Z voters fall out and what is motivating their vote, and what issues were the biggest drivers in this 2020 Election. Insights were based on data collected on election day among actual voters as part of the Heart+Mind First View election day survey.

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10 Key Takeaways from 2020 Election

Key Takeaways from 2020 Election

Uncertainty continues.  Expect continued electoral uncertainty. Consumer stress from the pandemic and election is running extremely high.

Choice and convenience.  These consumer needs take hold in how we vote. Mail voting is here to stay.

Big realignments are dead. No national realignment.  But we do see micro-coalitions forming. Example: Rural, multicultural, less educated, socially conservative motivated by what they are against.

Tribalism continues.   Divisions amplified beyond party.  Especially by gender, education, ethnicity, and locale.

People over Platform. Don’t assume how humans will behave. Don’t take your voters or customers for granted.

Latino and Youth turnout once again did not materialize. For all the protesting, and when it counted, where were these groups?

Stop thinking of groups as monolithic. Millennials, Women, Latino, Blacks, Republican, Democrat, City vs Rural, etc.

FUDD Works. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Division.   Will our stress and anxiety need the message of calm and confidence?

The Senate Club. Don’t underestimate the Joe and Mitch relationship as a way to perhaps get things done in a balanced legislative agenda.

Trust remains the golden ring.  Brands and institutions are under assault.  Expect a renewed effort on reputation management practices and social cause marketing.

Data Source: Heart+Mind First View election day survey, conducted 11/3/20 via online survey

Sample: n=2,005 election day voters

Topics: 2020 election, method of casting vote, presidential race, Senate and House races, Issues motivating the vote including COVID-19, economy, and healthcare, etc.

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