Case Study


Pharmaceuticals + Medical Devices

Building relationsips with healthcare professionals to support business goals.


Diabetes care is an immense market opportunity that continues to grow in importance. Though Medtronic is largely viewed as the gold standard in insulin pumps, there is tremendous urgency to stay ahead of increasingly stiff competition

After identifying opportunities in the diabetes technology market, Medtronic needed to understand how diabetes care professionals make recommendations to patients. To strengthen its relationship with diabetes educators, Medtronic sought to better understand the support and educational needs of these important healthcare providers.


We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with pump trainers operating in different settings from hospitals to diabetes clinics.

We explored brand level perceptions as well as education material needs relevant to the insulin pump decision-making process.


Our work pinpointed precisely where there were opportunities to address unmet training and educational needs of diabetes educators. 

Using our values approach, we also revealed powerful ways that Medtronic could connect to the personal aspirations of this audience with an eye to strengthening the relationship bond.