Marketing Mavericks Unite: Heart+Mind Strategies and Nostos Network’s Branding Bonanza

Apr 3, 2023 | News

Picture this: an ensemble of branding heroes, each with their unique powers and skills, joining forces for the greater good. That’s the Nostos Network for you – a fantastic league of independent agencies that have aligned to shake up the insights, strategy, marketing, and advertising world. And the newest member to join this dream team is insights and branding powerhouse, Heart+Mind Strategies.

As an independent agency, you get the freedom to call the shots and make bold decisions. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. And that’s where the Nostos Network steps in – it’s like having your very own support squad to back you up in a strategic dance with the most complex planning challenges.

Heart+Mind co-founder and co-CEO Mike Dabadie said it best: “Being part of the Nostos Network allows us to maintain our independence while amplifying our collective power. We’re like a group of talented individuals with diverse abilities, working together to revolutionize the marketing landscape.”

Co-founder and co-CEO Dee Allsop chimed in, “Nostos is the marketing version of a reliable support system, protecting our autonomy and letting us do what we do best – providing valuable insights and branding strategies for our clients.”

Maury Giles, Heart+Mind’s Chief Growth Officer, shared, “Teaming up with the Nostos Network is like assembling an all-star marketing and branding squad. We’re tapping into a broader pool of expertise, enabling us to tackle more diverse challenges and cater to a wider variety of clients. It’s like unlocking a secret level in the strategic marketing game, and our clients are reaping the rewards.”

Nick Johnson, Partner and Managing Director of Nostos, knows the value Heart+Mind brings to the network. “Heart+Mind Strategies is like the secret ingredient that elevates a well-crafted cocktail. They bring something unique and exceptional to the Nostos Network, enhancing the flavor of our collective expertise.”

So, if you’re ready to tackle your most complex strategic challenges with the help of some branding superheroes, Heart+Mind and the Nostos Network are your ultimate dream team. Just like a certain squad of extraordinary individuals, they’re here to save the day with humor, authenticity, and killer marketing strategies. Cheers to that!

Learn more about Heart+Mind and the Nostos Network. Ask us how we can help you find new solutions to resonate with the people who matter most to your success. 

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