How to Build a Brand Strategy: 5 Elements to Focus On

Dec 19, 2022 | Brand, Our Thinking

Creating a successful brand strategy is an essential component of any business. It allows companies to create a unified image and message that resonates with the people that matter most to the brand’s success. A well-crafted brand strategy helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors, build more meaningful brand relationships, and drive brand growth. 

To build a successful brand strategy, here’s what you should include:

1. Defined Brand Mission and Vision

Your brand’s mission should express the core values and objectives behind the customer experiences you are working to deliver. Meanwhile, a brand vision statement is a declaration of what you want your brand to become.

The latter outlines the aspirations and goals of the brand and provides a clear understanding of what you are working to achieve. It should be a bold, inspiring statement that captures your brand’s potential and ambition. You can use it as a guiding principle to help shape your decisions and how you interact with customers.

2. Core Brand Values

Identifying the values that your brand shares with its your stakeholders is an important step in your brand strategy. Values are the core beliefs that guide how you behave and interact with your stakeholders. Examples of values may include trustworthiness, respect, quality, honesty, innovation, and sustainability. 

Once you have identified the shared values between your brand and your stakeholders, you can use those brand values to guide your decision-making, strategies, and communications. To create a consistent and recognizable brand image, these values should be reflected in all aspects of the brand, from its messaging to customer service.

3. A Well-Crafted Brand Positioning

Careful planning of how you want your brand to be perceived can help you stand out from competitors and draw the attention of your intended audience. Create a brand positioning statement that separates you from the competition and draws the interest of your target demographic. Brand positioning isn’t about what your brand does, but how you do it differently from others. Brand positioning is how you want others to think about your brand, and it should clearly separate your brand from other choices people could make.

4. A Memorable Brand Voice

The words you use to describe your business to the public will shape how people perceive it. Your brand voice should be used consistently to create a recognizable and consistent identity across your channels. It should express your organization’s mission, values, and personality to establish a strong connection with customers and build their trust. This will help you engage with people more effectively and create a positive, lasting impression.

5. Brand Identity through Design

Creating a brand identity involves choosing various design elements to create a unique and consistent visual representation of your brand. This should encompass all the senses connected to your brand: the look of your logo, fonts, and colors; the flavor, texture, or smell of the physical items you have; voices, music, and visuals in video content; and your name and slogan.

It should capture the essence of your brand and convey the message you want to send. Working with a creative team to ensure the design elements accurately reflect your brand’s identity is essential for creating a successful brand.


The foundation of building a successful brand strategy starts with the company’s strategic plan and specific business goals.  A brand strategy includes a clear purpose, vision, values, positioning, voice and identity that build meaningful and differentiating human connections, aligned with the company’s long term business goals and resulting in brand growth.

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