Human Insight Matters: Data Alone is Not Enough

Dec 6, 2022 | Human Connections, Our Thinking, Values

Human insight provides a deeper understanding of customers by using empathy to listen and observe their thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. It helps organizations better meet customer needs by giving them the context of the “why” behind customer behavior.

Businesses that use their understanding of people as part of their market research best practices are more likely to create positive customer experiences. This involves using knowledge gained from personal interactions and feedback to develop products or services that meet the needs of their customers. By understanding the desires and needs of their customers, businesses can create an experience that appeals to them and ultimately leads to increased sales.

Brands used to be successful based on how well they could make people feel connected and emotionally satisfied. But how we use technology today has transformed how companies measure customer satisfaction. With the rise of the app market, businesses have access to new and faster ways of getting their products and services out to their customers. However, this has also caused a decrease in the amount of personal contact between businesses and their customers, making it more difficult to understand how customers think and feel about the brand.

Here, we’ll dive deeper into why data alone is not enough to deliver exceptional customer experiences as a brand.

Data On Its Own Is Not Enough

True, companies need to interact with their customers online because that is where they are. But in doing so, the interactions become less personal, and it’s harder for the company to understand its customers. To gain insight, data has to be used to get a better picture of the customer.

Businesses can detect patterns and trends in consumer behavior by collecting data from various sources. While data can be beneficial, it does not substitute the understanding that can only be gained from direct, in-person interaction with customers.

Digital channels and virtual experiences have enabled companies to reach more customers. However, this has also led to a disconnect between businesses and their customers. Instead of relying on data to make assumptions about what customers might want, companies should make an effort to engage with customers directly.

Companies rely on data to understand what their customers like or dislike. Still, they don’t see the customers’ reactions, like a smile or scowl, which can tell them more about how the customer is feeling. Not recognizing the value of this kind of feedback can be a bigger issue than many companies recognize.

Human Insight Builds an Empathy Bridge

As mentioned, data, on its own, is not enough. To go beyond basic information, the human touch is essential. By understanding and acknowledging your customers’ situation, needs, and emotions, you can go a step further and apply this knowledge to their decision-making, likes, and dislikes. Effective brand relationships persuade by reason, but motivate through emotion.

Creating lasting customer relationships is essential to a business’s success in today’s market. For that to happen, those within the organization need to have an understanding of the customers and be able to relate to them on a personal level. They need to truly see their customers as people and champion the human realities at play.

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How You Can Promote Customer Empathy in Your Business

Here are a few tips on how you can promote customer empathy in your business:

Start with Your Employees

The first step to promoting customer empathy in your business is to create an environment of empathy amongst your employees. Encourage your employees to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and think about how they would be feeling if they were in their customer’s positions.

Listen to Your Customers

Listening to your customers is among the best ways to promote customer empathy. Make sure that you are actively listening to your customers and taking their feedback into account.

Adapt to Your Customers

Adapting to your customers is key to providing a personalized experience. Don’t be afraid to change your products and services based on customer feedback.

Show Appreciation

Showing your customers appreciation is an integral part of promoting customer empathy. Make sure you thank your customers for their feedback and show them that you appreciate their loyalty.


When considering your market research tools and techniques, it is crucial to understand that data alone is not enough to understand your customers fully. Human insight is a vital ingredient to gaining a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and preferences. With the help of human insight, companies can better identify customer needs and develop strategies tailored to their customers’ wants and needs. 

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