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Jul 23, 2020 | Heart+Mind Pulse, News

This is a political year like no other. More Americans are engaged in the political process than have been in the past. From nationwide elections to local races in the DC region, people will be intensely monitoring what happens next and which path voters will choose for the US.

WTOP News, a leading news broadcaster in the DC metropolitan area, is launching a weekly email newsletter, “From WTOP’s Election Desk” that will offer a look at the national conversation through a local lens. The newsletter will exclusively feature national research, data trends, and insights from Heart+Mind Strategies on COVID-19, the upcoming election, and other national issues.

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Heart+Mind runs a bi-weekly national survey, Heart+Mind PulseSM, which has been tracking public opinion since the beginning of the pandemic-induced shutdown in March. Erin Norman leads the project team behind the PulseSM. “Following the evolution of public opinion over the last four months has been fascinating, insightful and critical to understanding why things are unfolding as they are,” says Norman.  

This newsletter is the perfect way to follow the twists and turns of the presidential election, and make sure you’re in the know about what’s happening with local elections in the DC area, too. From now until Election Day in November, the goal of this newsletter is to focus on the political issues and elections that affect DC, Maryland and Virginia, as well as what is happening on Capitol Hill.

In addition to research insights from Heart+Mind, each issue will be filled with in-depth reporting from two of WTOP’s lead reporters, Mitchell Miller, who covers Capitol Hill, and Nick Iannelli, who covers political developments in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Miller and Iannelli will go beyond the headlines, to provide unique coverage of the Washington area’s political whirlwind.

Miller is one of the few reporters who has been working inside the US Capitol during the pandemic and has been following lawmakers as they wear masks and bustle through the halls of Congress. Covering Congress is more than tracking legislation, and Miller will provide insight into the personalities, quirky moments and scenes that don’t always get covered. He will also let you in on some of the secrets of the Capitol itself, which of course has an incredible amount of history.

“Covering Congress is an incredible beat for a journalist, and I’m honored to be able bring you some of the amazing things I see and hear every day, but often don’t get to report on the air,” Miller said.

The first newsletter will go out on Friday, July 24, and continue to be delivered each Friday morning through the November election.

The next few months will be exciting. Let’s all experience history together.

Visit WTOP’s website to sign up for “From WTOP’s Election Desk”. 

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