Case Study

Transportation Manufacturer


Developing a global naming strategy and process.


A global manufacturer in the transportation industry required a disciplined process for developing and managing their product and services names at every level in the brand architecture to support current and future business objectives.

To improve customer centricity and cost efficiency, it was critical to focus and streamline the naming process, providing principles and cases to help improve decision making—all with the objective of building the organizational brand and providing customers with a simple, cohesive brand experience.


Internal strategic input and planning, qualitative audits of existing processes and cross industry best practices led to the development of a refined naming strategy.  

The new strategy, process, decision trees and associated tools were pilot tested on multiple naming initiatives prior to finalization.


A naming guide was created to be shared with those who may be creating, using, or approving names for products and services, or other customer-facing or internal organizational names. It summarizes the naming strategy, process and discipline, along with knowledge and key learnings that exist across the company to deliver the brand in a meaningful and consistent way.