Case Study

Strada Education Network


Understanding the values that drive education decision making.


Strada Education Network is the preeminent thought leadership organization committed to improving lives by forging clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment.

Strada sought insight to more fully understand the personally relevant decision drivers surrounding education choices and how they link to the emotional values that ultimately shape education decision making among recent graduates and those likely to enroll in secondary education.


Our approach used both in-depth qualitative and robust quantitative research methods.

The research program served to:

– Identify the key rational and emotional elements and connections that will encourage enrollment in post-high school education/training;

– Quantify the influences, motivations, and triggers for seeking additional education/training;

– Validate the barriers to obtaining additional education/training; and,

– Uncover reasons for delaying and/or not pursuing additional education/training.


Our work identified five key pathways linking rational attributes of continuing education to the corresponding emotional leverage points that drive education decision making among recent graduates and those likely to enroll.

We uncovered specific barriers and negative aspects of their chosen education path and the most critical drivers of perceived value in secondary education.

Together these insights served to further strengthen Strada Education’s position as the premiere resource in the nation for empowering choice and decision making for both education providers and consumers on their education-to-employment path.