Case Study

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Travel + Tourism

Bridging Las Vegas’ leisure and business brands to enhance B2B demand.


Since the start of the ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ (WHHSH) campaign, Las Vegas has, out of necessity, managed its leisure and business brands like two separate entities. While both brands were true to the destination, the secrecy and naughtiness of the leisure brand was considered at odds with the idea of business getting done.

As the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA) and R&R Partners migrated away from WHHSH, the opportunity arose for identifying how the leisure and business brands could not merely co-exist but reinforce one another.


Heart+Mind Strategies conducted multi-phase research among meeting planners and executives to identify how they think about Las Vegas, what differentiates the destination on business (in a positive way), and the customer journey to how they arrive at a decision of where to book their conventions, meetings, and business events.

The core learning that guided our workshop with LVCVA and R&R Partners in terms of the brand is that the energy and excitement of the leisure brand could connect to multiple business-related benefits for our B2B audiences, providing a connective tissue between the two brands at last.


The research and workshop resulted in a business brand creative brief that centered around the energy and excitement benefits, which resulted in a campaign called ‘Not Invited’. The campaign played on the idea that average or ordinary is not invited – that Las Vegas meetings and events are a step up in energy and excitement and holding a meeting in Las Vegas means an organization is bringing their A-game.

The campaign has received acclaim for differentiating Las Vegas against other destinations as the city looks to fully recover on convention attendance faster than other DMOs post-pandemic.