Case Study

International Coffee Systems Brand

Food and Beverage

Reimagining the B2B customer journey to power workplace coffee systems.


An opportunity existed for a leading international coffee and coffee systems brand to uncover and frame moments that can transform the Office Coffee Services (OCS) customer journey, building a greater presence for the brand and ultimately, creating a signature experience that differentiates the brand from competitive workplace offerings.


We worked with the brand and marketing leadership to frame the challenge and created a guiding North Star plan to support the business objectives. 

Using our proprietary Customer Journey Methodology, we conducted individual in-depth interviews with customers and prospects, to better understand the human decision-making dynamics for purchasing an office beverage system. Through story-telling and aided probing, the decision maker provided a better understanding of the motivations, barriers, experiences, and influences related to the purchase of an office coffee system for their workplace.


Insights were distilled in a three-day onsite synthesis session, visualizing the overall customer journey and representing the milestones, influences and behaviors that help signal specific opportunities, or moments, for the brand to deliver a signature experience. Through activation work sessions, insights were brought to life, prioritizing marketing and sales initiatives to foster greater ownership of key moments and provide for greater brand differentiation.