Case Study

Global Pharmaceuticals Company

Pharmaceuticals + Medical Devices

Ensuring global cultural resonances among physicians.


Following a successful product launch, a global pharmaceutical company was ready to evolve the brand by taking their physician marketing materials to the next level. The difficulty: in three weeks, find a single creative platform that could strike a balance between the clinical and emotional yet resonate globally among physicians of all cultures.    


We began immediate translation of materials and recruited treating physicians in 12 countries to review potential ideas using a mix of methodologies (in-person and web-assisted interviews) as culturally appropriate.  Local moderators were provided extensive training on the materials.  Given the time constraints, interviews were conducted simultaneously across all countries.  Completed interviews were immediately back-translated into English and analyzed on a rolling basis.


Despite tight deadlines, we successfully completed interviews in all countries within the required time frame.  One creative platform that provided a strong foundation to build and expand upon was selected. 

Not only were we able to identify one idea with global resonance, we were also able to provide guidance as to wording and image adjustments to customize and optimize concept elements for the needs of each individual country.

The final campaign is now used as the basis for physician marketing materials across the globe and the product continues to thrive.