Case Study

Global Investment Management Firm

Financial Services

Discovering a new, human-centric way to connect with retirement plan financial advisors.


Retirement plan advisors face a variety of challenges amid a rapidly shifting landscape of fiduciary rulings, a growing lack of trust in the financial industry, and  ever-evolving technology that puts the investors in more control. They also feel the pressure to provide value and uniqueness to clients who are relying on them to ensure their retirement security.

Typically, companies who own and manage funds focus outreach solely on their fund performance and value to prospective investors. But our client sought a completely different approach to focus outreach more on the advisors themselves and their needs.


Existing work showed our client had a reputation for consistent fund performance, good customer service, and a foundation of trust. But new content meant to help the advisor in their job was either not being seen or not being delivered in an accessible manner.

We conducted IDI’s with advisors to explore their personal and professional lives as a complete picture. Means-end theory values laddering unearthed core motivational drivers and barriers they face at both rational and emotional levels.

Ultimately, our strategists defined a new emotional positioning territory for the client and its primary fund.


Our client deployed a new strategy for advisor outreach new to the industry: honor their desire to make a difference in the lives of their clients, and position themselves as a partner to realize that goal.

The strategy is being used to create new messaging, revamp the website and advisor digital experience, guide thought leadership content, and build new tools for advisors to engage in on their own.

Overall, the insights sparked a significant shift away from a fund performance only approach to a human-centric relationship building strategy with advisors.