Case Study

Automotive Brand


Developing communications and messaging to enhance stakeholder trust in a global automotive brand.


In a climate of increasing societal expectations, economic uncertainty, intense change, innovation and technological transformation across the sector, a global automotive manufacturer desired a reputation strategy based on a deep understanding of stakeholder expectations and needs.

The company’s corporate reputation was critically important as the company faced exciting and dynamic changes in the industry and marketplace, developing new services and products to meet the needs of an evolving future, and engaging with communities and stakeholders in new ways. They understood that reputation impacts the business–it can enable success or hinder it. 


We conducted qualitative and quantitative research with a variety of priority stakeholders (employees, consumers, future talent, partners, universities, dealers and suppliers) to explore and dimensionalize the drivers and narrative of reputation.   We looked  through the unique lens of how each relevant stakeholder evaluates the company within a competitive context and identified how those perceptions impact business outcomes.

In-depth interviews, strategic planning work sessions, quantitative validation and identification of the critical pillars of the corporate brand–all provided insights to develop a communications and messaging strategy to differentiate and build the brand. 


Insights were used to guide development of the reputation strategy and socialized with key functional areas of the company to build action plans that address reputational gaps and optimize opportunities. A governance process was established for progress measurement and plan refinement.