Diversity + Inclusion Statement

At Heart+Mind Strategies we believe in championing the human.

This is the core of our vision and is woven into our company culture and values. Fostering a diverse workplace and inclusive culture plays a critical role in creating, maintaining, and living this vision.

We value the diversity of our workforce.

Each human at Heart+Mind is made up of the intersection of our backgrounds, experiences, and personal identifiers. When allowed to work from our true individuality rooted in our own experiences, each person is able to make more authentic decisions, raise important questions, and participate in dialogue that we, and our clients, can benefit from in the workplace.

Building this inclusive environment, in which everyone is valued, included, heard, welcomed, empowered, and treated respectfully and equitably, provides space that drives innovation, encourages adaptability and boosts business performance – all to fulfill Heart+Mind’s mission, while investing further in our company and our employee’s futures.

At Heart+Mind, each person has an equal opportunity to do their best work and thrive in their professional development. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and employ an over 50% female workforce.

We are committed.

Heart+Mind also has an ERG group devoted to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our organization. Going forward, we will focus on strengthening D&I through three key areas of our company:

Recruiting: Attract diverse applicants with exposure to our business, research career opportunities, and the necessity for diverse perspectives in research.

Internal Culture: Foster a company culture built on respect with understanding, appreciation and openness exercised across all practices and teams. We promote a variety of diversity and inclusion oriented activities and training each year to cultivate this kind of environment and be better champions of the human in all of us.

Research Work/Integrity: Demonstrate our willingness to grow and learn from each project, adapting our approach to be inclusive of diverse perspectives, on both practitioner and respondent sides.